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“The best protection from hackers is to update your WordPress site regularly”

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You are probably here because you are worried about the security of your WordPress website. You are right to be concerned, the threat from hackers has never been greater. In the UK in May 2017 the NHS hack was attributable to one major factor- they didn’t apply regular security updates, giving hackers a back door into their systems.

Here’s why you should always keep your WordPress core, theme and plugins updated:

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    Protect against intrusion and hacking

    Without regular updates to your WordPress CMS and Plugins your website is a sitting duck for hackers who use free software to scour the internet for vulnerable sites. WordPress is vigilant about keeping its software secure and its millions of users protected. But you can’t shield your website from attacks unless you regularly install and apply the WordPress updates. When you do, you’re fixing the problem before it starts.

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    Get more feature options

    WordPress (and plugin authors) are constantly introducing new features and enhancements to make the platform more robust, versatile and feature-rich. So why settle for an outdated website when you don’t have to?

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    Make WordPress easier and faster

    Constant improvements by the WordPress community make each version the fastest, highest-performance user experience available. Why let your company down with slower load times than the best you can offer?

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    Prepare your company for change

    At some point you may want to update or change the site to remain fresh and relevant. Maybe you want to add new pages or change the navigation. Perhaps a new add-on can make your website more attractive to your visitors. Often these changes require the latest version of WordPress. With your website up to date it will be easy to introduce these changes.

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    Offer the best possible user experience

    If you are running an outdated version of WordPress, visitors to your website may encounter a less than optimal experience creating frustrations which damage your business. Without regular maintenance you may never know about these problems until diminishing traffic sends up a red flag. Regular WordPress updates continually preempts user experience issues.

So why not do this yourself? You could, although it’s possible at some point that you will find the updates break the website so it no longer functions correctly. With Sheer WP Maintain, you can be assured that we will try to fix the problem, and if we can’t we will roll the updates back and recommend a new plugin which will do the same job.

In most cases it should be relatively straightforward to implement a core, theme or plugin update without incurring an additional charge. In those cases where the fix is more time consuming we will provide a quote and you can decide if you want to go ahead. Most implementations shouldn’t take more than a couple of hours.

So what do you get with Sheer WP Maintain’s WordPress maintenance service?

What When Why
WordPress core, theme & plugin updates (all updates tested in staging to minimise the risk of website disruption) Weekly To give the best protection from hackers and the best possible user experience
Off-site back-ups Weekly So we can roll your site back if it breaks or if it is hacked
Server uptime monitoring Daily So we can let you know if your website has been down for a sustained period
Malware monitoring Daily So we can detect and let you know if hackers have infiltrated your website
SSL Monitoring Daily So we can notify if there are any issues with your SSL, including expiry


Will I pay any extra charges if my site breaks after update?

In most cases, no – but in some cases such as a custom theme/ unsupported theme which has not been correctly set-up, or where we will need to install and configure a new plugin, a small charge may apply. Our hourly rate is €30 per hour and a new plugin would normally take 2 hrs or less.

Which Security/ Malware Detection plugins do you use?

If not already installed on your site, we will install the free version of Wordfence security. This plugin is designed to detect if your WordPress website has been compromised by hackers. We will also install the free IThemes security plugin as an additional security measure.

What happens if my site gets hacked?

We will let you know immediately and request your permission to rollback to a previous version of the website from the back-ups. We will then identify what needs to be done to secure the site further from vulnerabilities. This may involve additional costs such as subscription to a stronger security plugin or other measures which will be detailed in a quote and you can decide if you want to go ahead.

Do you guarantee that my website won’t be hacked?

No service of this type can make such a guarantee, although by applying regular updates you will make the life of hackers much more difficult. See our terms and conditions for the details of what is covered.

What happens if my hosting server goes down?

We will send you an email if your host is down for more than 2 hrs so you can contact them and get the situation resolved, minimising the impact on your customers.

Do you offer hosting services?

No we do not offer hosting services at this time

Can I request back-up of copies of the site anytime?

Yes you can, and there is no charge for this unless the frequency of requests is higher than normal. A fair usage policy applies.

What do I do if I discover a problem with my website and suspect it is something to do with an update?

Usually this shouldn’t happen as we test all updates in a staging environment first, but if you do think an issue has occurred please contact the helpdesk. We will respond within 24 hrs.

Do you offer any other services?

Yes, Sheer WP Maintain is affiliated with Sheer Digital who can help you with:

– WordPress Design/ Re-design & Build
– WordPress migration to a new host
– Page speed insights and Optimisations
– Marketing Automation (Marketing Cloud)

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